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What is Uuencode?

Uuencoding is a form of binary-to-text encoding that originated in the Unix program uuencode, for encoding binary data for transmission over the UUCP mail system. The name "uuencoding" is derived from "Unix-to-Unix encoding".

What is Uudecode?

The program uudecode reverses the effect of uuencode, recreating the original binary file exactly. uuencode/decode became popular for sending binary files by e-mail and posting to usenet newsgroups, etc. It has now been largely replaced by MIME and yEnc.

How to generate Uuencode?

You can encode a text using Uuencode encoder online by visiting Encode text using Uuencode (Click here) and entering the text to be encoded and clicking on "Generate Uuencode" button.

How to decode the string generated from Uuencode encoder?

You can decode the encoded text using Uudecode decoder online by visiting Decode string using Uudecode Decoder (click here) and entering the string to be decoded and clicking on "Decode it" button.

Encode the text with the help of Uuencode encoder with no hassle. Simply enter the text to be encoded and click on generate Uuencode button to encode your text for free. Free online Uuencode encoder. Generate encoded text online using Uuencode encoder.
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